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A welcome back into Wholeness

Lifeforce Energy School is bringing the possibility of self-realization into the here and now.  A unique way to invite you to move into Presence – and ultimately, to liberation.  


All that’s facilitated here is a welcome back into Wholeness, birthed by the embodiment of unconditional Love that unites us all, bringing about a liberation that’s impossible to describe in words. 


LEAP has arisen from the literal demand for and search by beautiful souls like you. The force in you that recognizes what LEAP brings about. You feel strongly that you’re guided to transmit LEAP by Heart.

Although the process of LEAP is highly spiritual, Robin guides you in a down to earth way – remembering who you truly are by the profound movement of divine life force that the training brings about. Bringing the power of the unconscious into Wakeful states of consciousness.

LEAP 1 facilitator training

This training is mainly about you (even when you’ve already gone through so much growth & transformation). It’s about going through your own process of surrender, for embodying the energy to be a strong conduit of divine life force energy. You’ll be guided to move through the Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process that will guide you into a profound and often challenging process of deep healing and transformation. Where immense shifts in consciousness and self-realization happen, peeling off the layers of conditioned limitations – deeply changing your Life and perception of it.

You are held and guided from the Heart with all you need to facilitate LEAP group and private sessions.

Even after the training you will receive continuous support from Robin and the LEAP community. 


The training will consist of 6-day intensive in person training with a 4-month bonus online classes with continuous transmissions and supervision. 

LEAP 2 facilitator training

In LEAP 2 you will be guided more deeply to touch hearts with experiential non-dual Awareness and transmissions. You’ll be able to guide participants deeper into the sense of Wholeness that the Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process brings about. Holding space for profound remembrance and embodiment of Life. LEAP 2 is a follow up of LEAP 1 and will be a 5-day intensive with a 3-month bonus online classes.

Apply for the LEAP facilitator training

To apply for the training, it’s important that you have experienced multiple LEAP sessions, so you can feel what the process can bring about and gain a bit of an understanding of what the training entails. It’s required that you have a good comprehension of the English language and can speak it fluently.

Not all applicants get approved. It’s important to be sensitive, grounded and Heart based enough to embody the energy, to be a strong conduit for the powerful divine LEAP transmission process.