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Robin Erkel LEAP Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process

Robin Erkel

Robin embodies what she shares and loves what she does; with her heart wide open, she invites you into a profound self-awakening process that naturally leads you into the wisdom of your authentic Being.

Robin is a conduit for raw life force energy, embodying presence and aliveness, transmitting nondual awareness in a most natural state of Being. 


LEAP is founded upon this Presence of Being, while simply living through all the ‘waves of Life’. There has been no greater teacher for Robin than Life itself. The Divine Surrender to the battle, the balance, the journey through time and space woke her up into this vast source, where a pure impersonal peace and stillness brings forth an indescribable sense of wholeness.


Robin guides you to Wake up to the miracle of being Alive, finding true sanctuary within, no matter what life brings you. To discover that you were never broken, never un-whole…

Training & Experience

Throughout her life, Robin went through deep shifts in consciousness by many different trainings and modalities around the world. She became a trained Ayurvedic practitioner – Living the wisdom of Ayurveda (Sanskrit for ‘science of life’) for over 8 years now. She studied psychosocial and general medical basics alongside her Ayurvedic studies and studied Social Work, Counseling, Yoga philosophy, became a Yoga teacher and a Breathwork facilitator. 


Yet looking back on her immense and intense journey she found that, no matter how many studies and trainings she has done, it is the ultimate Experience of Life itself that grants the greatest gifts, insights and wisdoms – in surrender to whatever is arising in the moment. 

Now, liberated from the worldly, while deeply moved by it, Robin points to the deep remembrance of our authentic heart held Being. To the natural wisdom brought about by the Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process that integrates a broader understanding of Life; to deepen the remembrance and integrated connectiveness of all that is in the physical and practical, here and now. Celebrating your unique expression.

There is a purity in Robin her expression that makes you feel safe and free to be who you are, no matter what is going on.

Just like LEAP came naturally to her, also the Lifeforce Energy School came about very intuitively. LEAP is birthed through the unconditional love that’s shared by the hands and hearts of seekers of Truth – in divine surrender to whatever the Present moment brings about. The essence of LEAP is the essence of Life, unable to be described with words, yet holding the full potential to be experienced through LEAP


Ready for this life-changing leap into the Heart? Feel welcome 


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